Grand River Trails


Coming from Toronto people always used to say, “Oh High Park, its such a beautiful place, blah blah blah.” Now I lived near High Park and I can tell you from years of experience that it’s a total shit park. There’s a parking lot in the middle of it and when you get to the water – low and behold, there are condo buildings on the other side of the lake! Not surprising, cause it’s Toronto. And Toronto is one of the ugliest cities ever.









This brings me to Waterloo, and more specifically the Grand River Trails, because these trails are fucking STUNNING. Just a few hops away from the mall or the suburbs you’ve got these trails that look onto the Grand River. Its the most serene, peaceful place I’ve ever wasted a couple hours at and probably the biggest selling feature of this town.

IMG_2398 You’ve got RIM Park by Grey Silo Golf Course, and then theres the Trails off of University or by Kiwanis Park. I’m sure there are tonnes moreIMG_2400 IMG_2401 but those are what I know are the best.

IMG_2404Please do yourself a favour and go check these places out!


Harvest Moon Organic Bakery, Bruce Peninsula

The Bakery

The Bakery

Harvest Moon Organic Bakery is literally a hidden gem in the Bruce Peninsula. They make delicious organic food like pizza, eclairs, veg pies, cakes, fruit pies…basically anything you’d want to eat on a warm day surrounded by nature. The owners are extremely friendly and so passionate about what they do they’ve opened their property to let people explore their gardens, rock statues and crazy original home. They’ve got a huge tree with swings, picnic tables for a perfect pit stop, and a walking path to stretch those legs.

This place is easy to miss on the drive so look out for their sign, if you’re driving north its on the left hand side.

519-592-5742 – 3927

Hwy #6, Lion’s Head, Ontario, Canada, N0H 1W0

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Tobermory, Georgian Bay, ON


Tobermory (@tobermory_Ont) and Georgian Bay are a little slice of heaven in Ontario’s cottage country. I go here frequently to camp at the Bruce Peninsula National Park  (@brucepeninsula_) but Tobermory itself it a little town on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The water is crystal clear and IMO freezing cold but its absolutely stunning. While the Grotto (the main tourist attraction as you can go diving underneath a cave) is predominantly rock, there is a trail that runs parallel for people who aren’t as savvy hikers. It is a work out, so beware! I stay at the Cyprus Lake campground  and hike to the grotto from there as there is a clear, easy hiking path from the campground to the water. But I’m also interested in trying out the backcountry camping. There are quite a few other tourist attractions like the ferry to Flower Pot Island, but I advise you to explore things off the beaten path, it is possible to be completely alone by the water, you just have to work for it!

Tobermory is about a 4 hour drive from Waterloo on the back roads, but it IS WORTH IT! Watch out for the black flies early in the season, then the mosquitos, and then the horse flies but by late August and September the bugs are gone and it’s glorious.