My promise: no more phoney shit.

I read a lot of blogs and stuff on the Internet and I’m so bored of it all! Everyone is trying to sell me something, trying to co-opt a safe ‘online identity’ and it’s like we’re fucking robots! It’s like we’re all trying to appeal to everyone and all that comes out it some phoney bull about “liking” and “thanking” and “how to Tweet better.” I’m over it. The best blogs I’ve read lately aren’t treating me like I’m some mass consumer from Withcita, wherever the fuck that is. I promise to do my best to keep it real. I promise to say something critical and unique and funny so your time wasting is enjoyable. I’m not People magazine, I’m not a corporation, I don’t have a brand I’m trying to sell. The internet is freedom and I’m not going to let it silence me into mediocracy! If Miley fucking Cyrus can prance around and do whatever the hell that was and make millions from it, than the rest of us have something to learn.