On My Radar, June 11

Timeless Cafe: @reclaimmaterial This place is such a hidden gem in KW. I’ve heard great things but I just have to get there. Apparently this company rescues antique doors, furniture, stain class etc from century homes and buildings that are being demolished or renovated and sells them at their property. But they’ve also made a cafe there that serves lunch and brunch on the weekend that is outstanding. Fresh, local produce are used and it’s just really good lady-food.

Andies: I popped into this sweet little shop the other day but wasn’t in the mood to really sift through much. It’s a store for 20-something women with higher price points than students or teens could probably manage (unless your parents are rich, so whatever!). They have really bright colours, a whole slew of yoga jeans (I really want these), and generally casual clothes.



Antiquing in the Loo

I love antiquing in Waterloo. There are tonnes of stores and so many nooks and crannies to get lost into.

If you’re visiting the area, my top spots are below:

Spring Street Antiques (@springstantique ): This place has a second floor filled with mid-century modern antiques that I cannot get enough of. For me the prices are high, especially because a lot of their items require TLC. The staff also lacks a lot; finding prices are difficult and with only 1 or 2 people on hand getting prices and attention is almost impossible. I just really swoon over the goods here, maybe one day I’ll be able to afford something. They’ve had a lot of changes since I first walked in 6 years ago, I assume they’ve changed ownership quite a few times, they’ve lost their antique book section, but extended the second floor. You’ll find lots of furniture, jewellery, lighting and carpets here.

Hans Olsen style Teak Dining Table at Spring St. Antiques (now sold)

Hans Olsen style Teak Dining Table at Spring St. Antiques (now sold, $1,400 est)

8 Spring St  St Jacobs, ON N0B 2N0 (519) 664-1243

St.Jacobs Antiques Market : This place is open 7 days a week and is filled with three rows of small vendor cubicles. The variety is huge and the prices range dramatically. You’ll find sports and music memorabilia, old toys, furniture, antique and new jewellery, clothes, books, and artwork. The staff is always helpful, and you’ll never have to carry something around for very long as they’re ready to hold your things up front for you.


Art Deco Tea Cup from St. Jacobs Antique Market ($14.00)

805 King N Waterloo (519) 880-1944

Market Road Antiques: Another huge warehouse of vendors, this is a great place to spend a few hours. The jewellery selection is more extensive but it’s pretty on par with the other market but with small variations that make the visit to both places worthwhile.

845 Weber Street Waterloo 519 746 1999

This is a great start and will take days to work through. Hoping to explore more places, send along any tips if you have them!

Orange Monkey Music, Uptown


I’ve been collecting records for over a decade now. There’s something about searching for hours through a tightly packed record store, debating over how much to pay and questioning whether what’s inside that large beautiful cover is worth it. I spent some time the other weekend browsing through Orange Monkey’s vast collection of records, I like how its organized (alphabetically for the oldies and by genre for newer albums) and they are remarkably low in cost. I found a Mozart album for $2.50! I haven’t seen that ever in Toronto!

I highly recommend visiting Princess Street, it has all the elements of a great date: records, Jane Bond (vegetarian comfort food) and Princess Cinema (The Original)

Meow Boutique, Uptown


In my days at Laurier, this building was totally overlooked and under-utilized so I’m glad it now is home to a very cool vintage shop called Meow Boutique (@meowboutique1). When I walked in I was overwhelmed with the selection of jewellery, accessories, clothes, bags, shoes. A younger girl was buying her prom dress – great idea!

I wanted to grab a girlfriend and just get a little crazy trying on some fun outfits and playing a little bit of grown up “dress up.” If I’m looking for a totally original outfit, this is definitely where I’ll be!

Beside  Fratello’s

78 King N, Waterloo, ON N2J 2X4

(519) 885-6369

Truth Beauty Company, Uptown


I love this pin board, little sail boat necklaces and modern earrings with an earthy touch, I hope they continue to build on this style with more selection.

I stumbled upon this lovely beauty boutique called Truth Beauty Company (@truthbeautyco) within the same building as the Princess Twin Cinema in Uptown Waterloo. I find some of the independent beauty stores in Waterloo to be a bit too “sophisticated” for my taste – I’m young, I don’t want to pull off the older lady thing just yet, so I was so relieved to walk into this spot. Everything here is fun and playful. They have really great little make-up bags made from local designers that are bright and super cute for spring, which I have my eye on!

In this huge space they also have a variety of products from bath treats to baby products, although I hope they continue to grow. Hopefully, this will become a place I’ll frequent for those moments I deserve to spoil myself a little bit… and maybe indulge others as well, without feeling like I’m trying to fit into a box that isn’t me just yet. Thanks Truth Beauty for this awesome find!!!

46 King St N, Waterloo, ON