My promise: no more phoney shit.

I read a lot of blogs and stuff on the Internet and I’m so bored of it all! Everyone is trying to sell me something, trying to co-opt a safe ‘online identity’ and it’s like we’re fucking robots! It’s like we’re all trying to appeal to everyone and all that comes out it some phoney bull about “liking” and “thanking” and “how to Tweet better.” I’m over it. The best blogs I’ve read lately aren’t treating me like I’m some mass consumer from Withcita, wherever the fuck that is. I promise to do my best to keep it real. I promise to say something critical and unique and funny so your time wasting is enjoyable. I’m not People magazine, I’m not a corporation, I don’t have a brand I’m trying to sell. The internet is freedom and I’m not going to let it silence me into mediocracy! If Miley fucking Cyrus can prance around and do whatever the hell that was and make millions from it, than the rest of us have something to learn.


Best of Waterloo, The Cord -> VOTE!


Finally, someone is making a Best of Waterloo list in the region…that only took like forever. KW’ers must contribute so we can continue to encourage recognition for the little gems that find there home in KW. “Best of” lists can draw attention from outside media to bring much needed light to this great community. As a Cord alumni, I am super proud that they are leading the way!

Vote here!


I need a job. Eventually.


So a HUGE part of moving to a new city is being able to afford to live in that city ie: working. I’ve already established that moving sucks and is full of costly expenses. So I’m bringing my A-game to K-town when it comes to the job hunt! I have two things working in my favour: A: I have a fancy university degree & B: I have interesting real work experience.

Turns out… those things aren’t really all that amazing in a city that boasts engineers, scientists, MBA’s, computer programmers, there’s probably a team of astronauts hanging out somewhere. And there are all those professors, masters students, undergraduates yearning for any piece of work they can get their hands on.

And these job postings I’m looking at are so specified: marketing jobs mention the “ABCs”, what IS that? Fundraising jobs have their own software you should have 2-3 years of experience with. Video coordinators need to know how to edit, sound record, operate all kinds of camera, write, direct, produce, manage schedules and coordinate (and probably for some minimal pay). WHO are these people? How is anyone supposed to transition to a new field that is relatively similar to a different one, except for these extremely specified qualifications…doesn’t anyone invest in training their hires anymore!? Am I just really unqualified for life, how is it I have worked for years without gaining any of this knowledge!?

Anyway, I wanted to post a collective of helpful websites to search for new jobs in KW. I focus on communication and media jobs as it lines up with my experience and there seems to be a lot going on.

Media Job Search Canada: a lot of Waterloo tech companies look for programmers on here. yay me.

Eluta: they have an awesome Twitter feed @eluta_ca

Kitchener Jobs (Workopolis): Also great Twitter feed @kitchener_jobs

Waterloo Tech Jobs: this is a great site + Twitter @waterlootechjob, collecting all of the info from the other resources and focusing on tech and media

Another great trick is to research companies that you want to work for and then keep checking their sites for job postings that fit your interests more, instead of trying to fit into whats available right now.

I’m also really taking my time, I don’t want to have a month to find work, I want to take months to find the right fit that’s in line with my career. It also has given me insight and time to take some classes and volunteer to gain experiences outside my work environment so I’m not grasping at straws when I need employment.

We will see how this plan goes. I believe working hard means for something results in the achievement of that thing… but I’ve also had luck on my side so far.

Where is Waterloo?

Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo, Ontario

So, Waterloo is the smaller city BESIDE Kitchener. It often gets lumped into KW or Kitchener-Waterloo, or even (gasp) Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge.

But thats like saying if you live in Etobicoke, you live in Toronto…which as we all know is not the case. It’s also like saying the West End and the East End of Toronto are the same… and don’t even think about the centre bit as part of either the West or East End.

Anyway, just like every other place in the world Waterloo has its own identity and Waterloosians do not like to be referred to as “living in Kitchener” although sometimes it’s more of a mind set than a location thing.

And Waterloo is a fairly unique city, while it’s small, it’s closely connected to Kitchener and Cambridge which garner some larger events like concerts and sporting events. Waterloo is also home to Blackberry’s HQ, two universities (University of Waterloo + Wilfrid Laurier University) and one college as well as some other tech companies that bring a more progressive perspective to the small town lifestyle.

And unlike most other cities, Waterloo itself lacks a downtown core that’s been totally abandoned and relegated to the underbelly of society. Uptown Waterloo – the downtown equivalent – is classy, maintained, and really quite safe. It’s home to some sweet shopping and dining but the catch is that its one short strip. Can’t have it all!