Grand River Trails


Coming from Toronto people always used to say, “Oh High Park, its such a beautiful place, blah blah blah.” Now I lived near High Park and I can tell you from years of experience that it’s a total shit park. There’s a parking lot in the middle of it and when you get to the water – low and behold, there are condo buildings on the other side of the lake! Not surprising, cause it’s Toronto. And Toronto is one of the ugliest cities ever.









This brings me to Waterloo, and more specifically the Grand River Trails, because these trails are fucking STUNNING. Just a few hops away from the mall or the suburbs you’ve got these trails that look onto the Grand River. Its the most serene, peaceful place I’ve ever wasted a couple hours at and probably the biggest selling feature of this town.

IMG_2398 You’ve got RIM Park by Grey Silo Golf Course, and then theres the Trails off of University or by Kiwanis Park. I’m sure there are tonnes moreIMG_2400 IMG_2401 but those are what I know are the best.

IMG_2404Please do yourself a favour and go check these places out!


Taco Farm

And the taco trend comes to KW! Watch out Grand Electric!



Today in Waterloo, a new restaurant has opened up called “Taco Farm”. The name captures what they are intending to be pretty accurately. Taco = tacos (and other Mexican-inspired dishes), farm = fresh, local, etc. My partner (Jacquie) and I decided to give the place a whirl on its opening day – there has been ample buzz about it and we’ve been planning on going there since they only existed as a Twitter account. I’ve deduced that the restaurant appears to be the love child of the same people who own Uptown 21 (aka Nick and Nat’s) and Chainsaw. The former is known for it’s upscale, fresh, tasty food while the latter is known for drunk people and karaoke (although I’ve eaten there before and it’s decent).

The decor inside is really nice. They can cram a bunch of people in there, but it’s laid out in a way that…

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Timeless Cafe & Bakery

Great Scoop on Timeless Cafe!


I visit godmother S fortnightly. She is in her late 80s and was my mother’s landlady when mom was studying at the University. Recently, godmother issued me a challenge – each time we go for a meal, I have to surprise her with a new place. Tough demand – having lived here for more than half a century, godmother had probably been to most of the older restaurants (a.k.a. not-opened-this-year places). Hence, I felt triumphant when I discovered Timeless Cafe & Bakery, the cafe which gave a whole new meaning to “hidden gem”.

Each year, Timeless Materials and sister company Kieswetter Demolition successfully divert some 70,000 tonnes of building materials, furniture and architectural items from local landfill by reclaiming and re-purposing them. These processes naturally gave way to new standards in recycling and brought to fruition the salvaging of architectural details and ‘timeless’ material.

Timeless Materials showroom is located in…

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The Boathouse, Victoria Park, Kitchener

The Boathouse.

An Insiders Guide to Waterloo has some great posts and information about KW. I specifically like their post about The Boathouse, which is sort of a hidden spot in Kitchener’s Victoria Park. It’s a music venue with patio and it’s a really great place to catch some indie bands or if you are a band, I recommend trying to get a gig here.

Downtown Kitchener and Victoria park are currently rebranding the area, as it’s now safer than before, but as any other park late at night, keep an eye out or take a cab in or drive if you’re not drinking.


Best real estate website: Remax

Best real estate website: Remax

I discovered this awesome Remax website that maps out all their listings and searches based on price, style, type of house and then also on Walkability and Transit scores. They also have some rental listings; I really like the idea of working with an agent to find rental properties and building a relationship that can transition into a home purchase.

It really bothers me when real estate agents and companies have not joined the youthful world of social media. If they’re not interested in getting my online time, I’m not interested in giving them my money. This isn’t space flight people, it’s Twitter and it’s a FREE marketing tool. Sad sad day. (If you want you can hire me and I’ll sort it out for you ;))

At the end of they day, looking for a property takes a lot of work and time, social media speeds things up enormously for me, and I just don’t have the time, energy, or care to search for companies listing rentals (especially without photos! Really? What era are we in!? Get an iPhone or Android or (new) Blackberry and its instant!)

Harry Ten Shilling, Shakespeare ON

Afternoon Tea!

Afternoon Tea!

I had decided that I’d spend my Saturday afternoon in Stratford (@StratfordON), I’ve heard great things and while I’m sure they’re all true, it didn’t ring true for me on this day. So I retreated back towards KW where I had eyed this teenie town of Shakespeare (on HWY 7, about 30 minutes from the depths of Waterloo). Literally one street that closes by 4pm! How does anyone sustain a business on these minimal hours?

Anyway, it was a little gold mind of a town, full of antique shops (Like Jonnys Antiques or Land and Ross) and the best little afternoon British tea shop called Harry Ten Shilling where I popped in for a snack. For $24 I had “Tea for One” which was really enough for three people. I ate little cheese and chutney sandwiches, scones with Devon Cream, banana bread, red velvet cupcakes, and marshmallow peanut butter tarts…. it was all so good! There was so much food I took home a doggie bag. The dining room has large windows with views of the surrounding bushes and garden and has large tables to accommodate bigger parties (great spot for a bridal party, birthday, or cute party of any kind). The waiter (who I believe was also the owner with his wife) was younger and tried to be very funny, which he was if not a bit awkward. HA! The front of house sells chocolates, tea pots, and turkish delight great for gifts if you’re not already stuffed by the end. I think I’ll definitely be using this place for a special occasion sometime soon, I’ll have to stock up on fascinators and big posh hats for the full effect!



2203 Line 34, Shakespeare, ON N0B 2P0 (519) 508-8333

Harvest Moon Organic Bakery, Bruce Peninsula

The Bakery

The Bakery

Harvest Moon Organic Bakery is literally a hidden gem in the Bruce Peninsula. They make delicious organic food like pizza, eclairs, veg pies, cakes, fruit pies…basically anything you’d want to eat on a warm day surrounded by nature. The owners are extremely friendly and so passionate about what they do they’ve opened their property to let people explore their gardens, rock statues and crazy original home. They’ve got a huge tree with swings, picnic tables for a perfect pit stop, and a walking path to stretch those legs.

This place is easy to miss on the drive so look out for their sign, if you’re driving north its on the left hand side.

519-592-5742 – 3927

Hwy #6, Lion’s Head, Ontario, Canada, N0H 1W0

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