Nick & Nat’s Uptown 21, Uptown

On King St.

On King St.

I’ve been to Nick & Nat’s in Uptown (@NNUptown21) 2 times. It’s a small dining room with regimented table placements and a dim intimate atmosphere. I do like this restaurant, but it does require the proper companion and the right age group. This place is perfect for bringing your parents to a nice dinner or maybe a coworker or boss. It feels more adult than I want to feel as someone in their mid-20’s but it’s also trendier and less stuffy than say some Italian restaurant with fake grapes hanging and white table clothes.

It definitely feels more professional and elegant than an experience at Public Kitchen which is lighter, more fun, and dare I say jubilant. But I’ve noticed in Waterloo, as in many suburbs, that the 30 year old demographic isn’t spending money on dining out because they have kids and other more restricting finances, whereas Toronto 30-somethings are a lot looser with their wallets and help cultivate a sense of hipness by going out for dinner at any age.

It’s hard for broke students to be cool as it is for  broke parents – so it’s nice to see any semblance of hipness in the Waterloo area but for the most part the people that are dining a little finer are 45-50-somethings that have the freed up cash flow.

Anyway try this place out but just keep in mind the timing. I also hear they have brown bag Fridays for lunch so I would try that out for sure – hopefully they have vegetarian options!

21 King St N  Waterloo, ON N2J 2W6
(519) 883-1100

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