Jane Bond, Uptown

I talk a lot about Jane Bond, like “Oh hey, eat at Jane Bond it’s so wicked guy” but I didn’t actually eat there until recently. Turns out, it IS wicked guy! Do people still say ‘guy’ or is that like sooo 2005?

JaneBond2I’m a vegetarian so for me Jane Bond is like experiencing what it’s like to be normal again. It’s a good thing that there aren’t more veg restaurants or else I’d be like “fuck this vegetarian thing, being able to eat more than one menu item is so liberating from the chains of being a self righteous a-hole.” Experiencing it only once in a blue moon is like treating yourself to a spa day, when you commit to it, you really appreciate that shit.

There are so many choices at Jane Bond, I had the pickle soup (I just ate a pickle for the first time a couple months ago because I was like, I hate cucumbers and you pickle are just a vinegary cucumber!) but I do actually like their pickle soup. And then I had the eggplant parm sandwich and oh man, that thing was delicious. They put a little marinara on the side and I was in heaven…a very acid-trip style of heaven thanks to the psychedelic decorating thats going on over there. I love this place, I love it so much that, if I believed weddings were a good idea (which I don’t – yah I said it) I would get married there! THAT is how good it is. I wonder if they do catering…..

I just really enjoyed it overall, it’s totally up my alley because it’s a fun place and I can eat everything on the menu. If you don’t like cool places or if you need meat to feel like you’re a man, then don’t go here.



On My Radar, June 11

Timeless Cafe: @reclaimmaterial This place is such a hidden gem in KW. I’ve heard great things but I just have to get there. Apparently this company rescues antique doors, furniture, stain class etc from century homes and buildings that are being demolished or renovated and sells them at their property. But they’ve also made a cafe there that serves lunch and brunch on the weekend that is outstanding. Fresh, local produce are used and it’s just really good lady-food.

Andies: I popped into this sweet little shop the other day but wasn’t in the mood to really sift through much. It’s a store for 20-something women with higher price points than students or teens could probably manage (unless your parents are rich, so whatever!). They have really bright colours, a whole slew of yoga jeans (I really want these), and generally casual clothes.


Honey Bake Shop, Uptown


Pain au Chocolat

Honey Bake Shop (@honeybakeshop) in Uptown Waterloo is that place you want to show your friends and get them to try the pain au chocolat, the red velvet cupcakes, the walnut shortbread, the sour cream pecan coffee cake, and the strawberry and cream tarts. I’ve only tried the pain au chocolat but it hit the spot, as I imagine the rest of the baked goods would (I’m looking forward to reporting back).

I can see myself picking up some goodies when we have visitors stay for the weekend, and hopefully meet up with friends for a good catch up.

Inside you’ll find it bright, and modern, with about 6 tables facing the large window facing out to King St, and they also have a cozy nook with a reupholstered antique lounger and renovated fireplace. The kitchen is open concept, with a glass wall giving looming customers some insight into how the magic happens.

They’re baked goods have a professionalism difficult to find out of big cities like Toronto, this isn’t an eager mom selling cakes on the side – these people know what they’re doing.

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Harry Ten Shilling, Shakespeare ON

Afternoon Tea!

Afternoon Tea!

I had decided that I’d spend my Saturday afternoon in Stratford (@StratfordON), I’ve heard great things and while I’m sure they’re all true, it didn’t ring true for me on this day. So I retreated back towards KW where I had eyed this teenie town of Shakespeare (on HWY 7, about 30 minutes from the depths of Waterloo). Literally one street that closes by 4pm! How does anyone sustain a business on these minimal hours?

Anyway, it was a little gold mind of a town, full of antique shops (Like Jonnys Antiques or Land and Ross) and the best little afternoon British tea shop called Harry Ten Shilling where I popped in for a snack. For $24 I had “Tea for One” which was really enough for three people. I ate little cheese and chutney sandwiches, scones with Devon Cream, banana bread, red velvet cupcakes, and marshmallow peanut butter tarts…. it was all so good! There was so much food I took home a doggie bag. The dining room has large windows with views of the surrounding bushes and garden and has large tables to accommodate bigger parties (great spot for a bridal party, birthday, or cute party of any kind). The waiter (who I believe was also the owner with his wife) was younger and tried to be very funny, which he was if not a bit awkward. HA! The front of house sells chocolates, tea pots, and turkish delight great for gifts if you’re not already stuffed by the end. I think I’ll definitely be using this place for a special occasion sometime soon, I’ll have to stock up on fascinators and big posh hats for the full effect!



2203 Line 34, Shakespeare, ON N0B 2P0 (519) 508-8333

On My Radar

Gloss Rocks: I hear these people have hairdressing….I’m going to try them out next!

Cowboys and Angels Salon: I went here last weekend for a trim and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. I wanted to love this place and it’s bad girl charm but it was noisy at 9am on a Saturday (so noisy my hairdresser couldn’t even hear what I said…”What? Sorry I couldn’t hear you?” and then she just ignored me after that) and the hairdresser was clearly very inexperienced she barely knew how to trim bangs. IMG_1791 It was very cheap, $50 for long hair (which is cheap, its usually $90 in Toronto at Proudest Pony) but the experience was so unenjoyable I’d just rather pay to not have to be ignored for an hour. Any suggestions on a cool place to get hair done, please advise!

Taco Farm: Taco resto across from the Uptown mall, I believe it’s run by the owners of Nick and Nats

Beertown: Looks like a large (could be chain) restaurant supplying the upper-year students and post-grads in town. Heard it was pretty good and just want the mid-20somethings needed in town. Probably expensive.

Schmuck Truck: Great blog post here about Food Trucks in Waterloo http://www.goodfoodevolved.blogspot.ca/2013/05/ill-have-balls-thats-what-she-said.html

Red House Uptown: Looks like a rustic, finer dining experience. REALLY Excited about place.

Block Three Brewing

Harvest Moon Organic Bakery, Bruce Peninsula

The Bakery

The Bakery

Harvest Moon Organic Bakery is literally a hidden gem in the Bruce Peninsula. They make delicious organic food like pizza, eclairs, veg pies, cakes, fruit pies…basically anything you’d want to eat on a warm day surrounded by nature. The owners are extremely friendly and so passionate about what they do they’ve opened their property to let people explore their gardens, rock statues and crazy original home. They’ve got a huge tree with swings, picnic tables for a perfect pit stop, and a walking path to stretch those legs.

This place is easy to miss on the drive so look out for their sign, if you’re driving north its on the left hand side.

519-592-5742 – 3927

Hwy #6, Lion’s Head, Ontario, Canada, N0H 1W0

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Nick & Nat’s Uptown 21, Uptown

On King St.

On King St.

I’ve been to Nick & Nat’s in Uptown (@NNUptown21) 2 times. It’s a small dining room with regimented table placements and a dim intimate atmosphere. I do like this restaurant, but it does require the proper companion and the right age group. This place is perfect for bringing your parents to a nice dinner or maybe a coworker or boss. It feels more adult than I want to feel as someone in their mid-20’s but it’s also trendier and less stuffy than say some Italian restaurant with fake grapes hanging and white table clothes.

It definitely feels more professional and elegant than an experience at Public Kitchen which is lighter, more fun, and dare I say jubilant. But I’ve noticed in Waterloo, as in many suburbs, that the 30 year old demographic isn’t spending money on dining out because they have kids and other more restricting finances, whereas Toronto 30-somethings are a lot looser with their wallets and help cultivate a sense of hipness by going out for dinner at any age.

It’s hard for broke students to be cool as it is for  broke parents – so it’s nice to see any semblance of hipness in the Waterloo area but for the most part the people that are dining a little finer are 45-50-somethings that have the freed up cash flow.

Anyway try this place out but just keep in mind the timing. I also hear they have brown bag Fridays for lunch so I would try that out for sure – hopefully they have vegetarian options!

21 King St N  Waterloo, ON N2J 2W6
(519) 883-1100

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