My promise: no more phoney shit.

I read a lot of blogs and stuff on the Internet and I’m so bored of it all! Everyone is trying to sell me something, trying to co-opt a safe ‘online identity’ and it’s like we’re fucking robots! It’s like we’re all trying to appeal to everyone and all that comes out it some phoney bull about “liking” and “thanking” and “how to Tweet better.” I’m over it. The best blogs I’ve read lately aren’t treating me like I’m some mass consumer from Withcita, wherever the fuck that is. I promise to do my best to keep it real. I promise to say something critical and unique and funny so your time wasting is enjoyable. I’m not People magazine, I’m not a corporation, I don’t have a brand I’m trying to sell. The internet is freedom and I’m not going to let it silence me into mediocracy! If Miley fucking Cyrus can prance around and do whatever the hell that was and make millions from it, than the rest of us have something to learn.


Best of Waterloo, The Cord -> VOTE!


Finally, someone is making a Best of Waterloo list in the region…that only took like forever. KW’ers must contribute so we can continue to encourage recognition for the little gems that find there home in KW. “Best of” lists can draw attention from outside media to bring much needed light to this great community. As a Cord alumni, I am super proud that they are leading the way!

Vote here!


Mid-Century Architecture

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.44.09 AM

I love mid-century modern architecture and design, so finding this posting on a home designated and protected for its representation of mid-century style was pretty awesome, and even better it’s in Kitchener.

It’s great to see architecture from all era’s taken seriously and that we don’t go and destroy all these amazing homes.

How I got really excited about a fridge


I never thought a fridge would get me really excited, until I came across a massive orange Big Chill fridge at a yoga studio in a small town outside Daytona Beach. Big Chill is a company I may as well be a sales person for because I hype them to all of my friends. They make retro, colourful appliances that are efficient so you don’t have huge bills just to be cool.

A Note about current home design: I have to say that the whole beige: “what if I want to sell my home, and I want it to appeal to everyone” look is REALLY REALLY tacky and dated. I understand HGTV has made flipping homes and making money off of them seem cool and endearing and a great idea but in real life, walking through home after home of really awful beige and brown countertops and dark wood cupboards with stainless steal appliances shows that you have no independent style or taste of your own. Why would you live in a home with no character or personality just in case you want to sell it in 25 years? And I can assure you there is a huge market for young couples and families that actually don’t want to buy homes that look like their 65-year old parents home. Please god someone stop these types of kitchens from happening.

LESSON: Please exercise creativity and originality (if somewhat restrained, I’m not talking wacky here people) when decorating your home. People are not zombies or housewives in Orange County. Hipsters LOVE character. And young people are fun and not emotionally dead inside.

Minimalism meet Blog.

I like to operate my blog like my life, with the mantra of minimalism!

Minimalist philosophy promotes a simplified lifestyle, throwing away the excess and really focusing on what matters and having meaning in the things we surround ourselves with.

With all of this technology at our fingertips we want information faster, we want to spend hours on BUZZFEED finding new hilarious information or on ebay buying new stuff – the pressure is on to be that website with the next big thing. But minimalist philosophy puts people first: our relationships come before having that online edge, and quality materials take precedence over quantity of material. I believe at the end of the day, while I may not have the sexiest title at work, or the most updated Twitter feed, I do have great friendships, a great partner, and a true love for my life… because beyond the excessiveness of the Internet, the things that exist in reality are better than anything else online.

Minimalism tends to value people, helping others, and living in an aesthetic that cuts out the clutter (Not to be confused as cheap, minimalists take time to think about what they want in their home or on their body, and cultivate a style that has meaning to them) – For me, this is mid-century modern furniture, simple in design but with natural materials (or Organic Minimalism).

The idea is that if we keep the clutter and excess of material out of our lives, we are able to let other things stand out: like a sense of community, family, love, music, food, design, art, dance, travel. Everything that creates memories and is truly beautiful.

There are excellent blogs out there if you want to break free of your addiction to consumerism and excess: Like this family who isn’t buying anything new for one year, or this writer who gives tips on how to live simply.

It’s a battle everyday to remember what matters, but when your friendships are strong and your credit cards aren’t keeping you up at night – you find a sense of freedom, like instead of buying a new pair of shoes you’ll take the day of work to hang out in the park. You’ll find yourself living the life you wanted to live, beyond things and stuff.

My cheap trick to clear + healthy skin

To have a blog, you need to think what you have to say is worth others people’s time. I spend a lot of time trying to better myself or experimenting with trends and I wanted to share some of my findings.

I’ve struggled with my skin since I was a teenager like everyone. My skin problems included: dry patches, flakiness (like seriously gross flaking off onto the table! Yikes!), constant chin acne and then pimples popping up all the time. I had used Caryl Baker Visage face wash, toner, moisturizer, oil, and exfoliant since I was 16 up until 22 – I still struggled with all these problems and the experienced ladies at the kiosks would say “Oh you have to wash twice a day, or exfoliate everyday, or you need this microdermabrasion.” I did it all. I spent so much money because I thought that maybe that was the key.

I also went on Tri-cyclin to help with skin problems and was almost convinced I should go off birth control all together until two very serendipitous events happened. Someone gave me Nivea Day Cream for a present which I wouldn’t have thought to use until my other moisturizer (by this time it was Complex 15) ran out. And my partner said to me after I complained again about my skin, “Why don’t you just leave it alone? Let it do its own thing.”

And that was it. I stopped washing my face, exfoliating, tonering, oiling, picking at flaws. My skin completely changed in about 2 weeks. The pimples stopped coming and healed up so much faster.

I wash my face with room temperature water in the morning and let it air dry quickly and then I put on the Nivea Day cream which is super creamy for my generally dry skin (and has sunblock!) and then at night I wash my face with my hands in the shower (sometimes rubbing with fingers is a good enough exfoliant, or even a wet face towel to get makeup off if you wear a lot – I do not) and then thats it! No moisturizer or toner or oils or anything. My skin felt a bit tight at first but then the natural oils started coming back. The flakes are gone. The chin acne is gone. While some scars are left, and a pimple pop ups once and a while, my skin is quite perfect.

This may not work for people with oily skin, or serious skin problems, but it’s worth a try if you’ve tried everything. Face wash and toners have alcohol that kill bacteria but also take away your natural oils, so you’re skin may be producing more oil to compensate, and it could also be deterring your skin from healing itself.

Bodies are remarkable things and often have the propensity to heal itself without extra products or money being thrown at it. My world is totally changed, my confidence is way higher and I just want to shout this at any skin care advertisement on the TV: I DON’T NEED YOUR STINKIN PRODUCTS!!!!!!

On My Radar

Gloss Rocks: I hear these people have hairdressing….I’m going to try them out next!

Cowboys and Angels Salon: I went here last weekend for a trim and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. I wanted to love this place and it’s bad girl charm but it was noisy at 9am on a Saturday (so noisy my hairdresser couldn’t even hear what I said…”What? Sorry I couldn’t hear you?” and then she just ignored me after that) and the hairdresser was clearly very inexperienced she barely knew how to trim bangs. IMG_1791 It was very cheap, $50 for long hair (which is cheap, its usually $90 in Toronto at Proudest Pony) but the experience was so unenjoyable I’d just rather pay to not have to be ignored for an hour. Any suggestions on a cool place to get hair done, please advise!

Taco Farm: Taco resto across from the Uptown mall, I believe it’s run by the owners of Nick and Nats

Beertown: Looks like a large (could be chain) restaurant supplying the upper-year students and post-grads in town. Heard it was pretty good and just want the mid-20somethings needed in town. Probably expensive.

Schmuck Truck: Great blog post here about Food Trucks in Waterloo

Red House Uptown: Looks like a rustic, finer dining experience. REALLY Excited about place.

Block Three Brewing