Grand River Trails


Coming from Toronto people always used to say, “Oh High Park, its such a beautiful place, blah blah blah.” Now I lived near High Park and I can tell you from years of experience that it’s a total shit park. There’s a parking lot in the middle of it and when you get to the water – low and behold, there are condo buildings on the other side of the lake! Not surprising, cause it’s Toronto. And Toronto is one of the ugliest cities ever.









This brings me to Waterloo, and more specifically the Grand River Trails, because these trails are fucking STUNNING. Just a few hops away from the mall or the suburbs you’ve got these trails that look onto the Grand River. Its the most serene, peaceful place I’ve ever wasted a couple hours at and probably the biggest selling feature of this town.

IMG_2398 You’ve got RIM Park by Grey Silo Golf Course, and then theres the Trails off of University or by Kiwanis Park. I’m sure there are tonnes moreIMG_2400 IMG_2401 but those are what I know are the best.

IMG_2404Please do yourself a favour and go check these places out!


Jane Bond, Uptown

I talk a lot about Jane Bond, like “Oh hey, eat at Jane Bond it’s so wicked guy” but I didn’t actually eat there until recently. Turns out, it IS wicked guy! Do people still say ‘guy’ or is that like sooo 2005?

JaneBond2I’m a vegetarian so for me Jane Bond is like experiencing what it’s like to be normal again. It’s a good thing that there aren’t more veg restaurants or else I’d be like “fuck this vegetarian thing, being able to eat more than one menu item is so liberating from the chains of being a self righteous a-hole.” Experiencing it only once in a blue moon is like treating yourself to a spa day, when you commit to it, you really appreciate that shit.

There are so many choices at Jane Bond, I had the pickle soup (I just ate a pickle for the first time a couple months ago because I was like, I hate cucumbers and you pickle are just a vinegary cucumber!) but I do actually like their pickle soup. And then I had the eggplant parm sandwich and oh man, that thing was delicious. They put a little marinara on the side and I was in heaven…a very acid-trip style of heaven thanks to the psychedelic decorating thats going on over there. I love this place, I love it so much that, if I believed weddings were a good idea (which I don’t – yah I said it) I would get married there! THAT is how good it is. I wonder if they do catering…..

I just really enjoyed it overall, it’s totally up my alley because it’s a fun place and I can eat everything on the menu. If you don’t like cool places or if you need meat to feel like you’re a man, then don’t go here.


My promise: no more phoney shit.

I read a lot of blogs and stuff on the Internet and I’m so bored of it all! Everyone is trying to sell me something, trying to co-opt a safe ‘online identity’ and it’s like we’re fucking robots! It’s like we’re all trying to appeal to everyone and all that comes out it some phoney bull about “liking” and “thanking” and “how to Tweet better.” I’m over it. The best blogs I’ve read lately aren’t treating me like I’m some mass consumer from Withcita, wherever the fuck that is. I promise to do my best to keep it real. I promise to say something critical and unique and funny so your time wasting is enjoyable. I’m not People magazine, I’m not a corporation, I don’t have a brand I’m trying to sell. The internet is freedom and I’m not going to let it silence me into mediocracy! If Miley fucking Cyrus can prance around and do whatever the hell that was and make millions from it, than the rest of us have something to learn.

Best of Waterloo, The Cord -> VOTE!


Finally, someone is making a Best of Waterloo list in the region…that only took like forever. KW’ers must contribute so we can continue to encourage recognition for the little gems that find there home in KW. “Best of” lists can draw attention from outside media to bring much needed light to this great community. As a Cord alumni, I am super proud that they are leading the way!

Vote here!


Mid-Century Architecture

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.44.09 AM

I love mid-century modern architecture and design, so finding this posting on a home designated and protected for its representation of mid-century style was pretty awesome, and even better it’s in Kitchener.

It’s great to see architecture from all era’s taken seriously and that we don’t go and destroy all these amazing homes.

How I got really excited about a fridge


I never thought a fridge would get me really excited, until I came across a massive orange Big Chill fridge at a yoga studio in a small town outside Daytona Beach. Big Chill is a company I may as well be a sales person for because I hype them to all of my friends. They make retro, colourful appliances that are efficient so you don’t have huge bills just to be cool.

A Note about current home design: I have to say that the whole beige: “what if I want to sell my home, and I want it to appeal to everyone” look is REALLY REALLY tacky and dated. I understand HGTV has made flipping homes and making money off of them seem cool and endearing and a great idea but in real life, walking through home after home of really awful beige and brown countertops and dark wood cupboards with stainless steal appliances shows that you have no independent style or taste of your own. Why would you live in a home with no character or personality just in case you want to sell it in 25 years? And I can assure you there is a huge market for young couples and families that actually don’t want to buy homes that look like their 65-year old parents home. Please god someone stop these types of kitchens from happening.

LESSON: Please exercise creativity and originality (if somewhat restrained, I’m not talking wacky here people) when decorating your home. People are not zombies or housewives in Orange County. Hipsters LOVE character. And young people are fun and not emotionally dead inside.

Taco Farm

And the taco trend comes to KW! Watch out Grand Electric!



Today in Waterloo, a new restaurant has opened up called “Taco Farm”. The name captures what they are intending to be pretty accurately. Taco = tacos (and other Mexican-inspired dishes), farm = fresh, local, etc. My partner (Jacquie) and I decided to give the place a whirl on its opening day – there has been ample buzz about it and we’ve been planning on going there since they only existed as a Twitter account. I’ve deduced that the restaurant appears to be the love child of the same people who own Uptown 21 (aka Nick and Nat’s) and Chainsaw. The former is known for it’s upscale, fresh, tasty food while the latter is known for drunk people and karaoke (although I’ve eaten there before and it’s decent).

The decor inside is really nice. They can cram a bunch of people in there, but it’s laid out in a way that…

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