I’ve decided to leave my glamorous life in Toronto, my creative job in lifestyle television, my teenie tiny basement apartment in an “up and coming” part of the West end.

I’m leaving it all for love and what really matters. I want space to roam, to build a home, and begin life with my partner.  After much thinking… and thinking and thinking… I’ve come to realize my home is in Waterloo.

I lived in Waterloo during university and consider myself a part-time resident while I slowly close the door on one life and begin another. I’m not a mom, or a wife, I’m just a 20-something looking for my own path.

This blog is about transitioning to Waterloo from Toronto, and what opportunities lie outside of the GTA. It will follow me over the year(s) as I discover what makes Waterloo not only special, but kinda cool.

Golden Hawks

Golden Hawks


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