Minimalism meet Blog.

I like to operate my blog like my life, with the mantra of minimalism!

Minimalist philosophy promotes a simplified lifestyle, throwing away the excess and really focusing on what matters and having meaning in the things we surround ourselves with.

With all of this technology at our fingertips we want information faster, we want to spend hours on BUZZFEED finding new hilarious information or on ebay buying new stuff – the pressure is on to be that website with the next big thing. But minimalist philosophy puts people first: our relationships come before having that online edge, and quality materials take precedence over quantity of material. I believe at the end of the day, while I may not have the sexiest title at work, or the most updated Twitter feed, I do have great friendships, a great partner, and a true love for my life… because beyond the excessiveness of the Internet, the things that exist in reality are better than anything else online.

Minimalism tends to value people, helping others, and living in an aesthetic that cuts out the clutter (Not to be confused as cheap, minimalists take time to think about what they want in their home or on their body, and cultivate a style that has meaning to them) – For me, this is mid-century modern furniture, simple in design but with natural materials (or Organic Minimalism).

The idea is that if we keep the clutter and excess of material out of our lives, we are able to let other things stand out: like a sense of community, family, love, music, food, design, art, dance, travel. Everything that creates memories and is truly beautiful.

There are excellent blogs out there if you want to break free of your addiction to consumerism and excess: Like this family who isn’t buying anything new for one year, or this writer who gives tips on how to live simply.

It’s a battle everyday to remember what matters, but when your friendships are strong and your credit cards aren’t keeping you up at night – you find a sense of freedom, like instead of buying a new pair of shoes you’ll take the day of work to hang out in the park. You’ll find yourself living the life you wanted to live, beyond things and stuff.


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