On My Radar

Gloss Rocks: I hear these people have hairdressing….I’m going to try them out next!

Cowboys and Angels Salon: I went here last weekend for a trim and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. I wanted to love this place and it’s bad girl charm but it was noisy at 9am on a Saturday (so noisy my hairdresser couldn’t even hear what I said…”What? Sorry I couldn’t hear you?” and then she just ignored me after that) and the hairdresser was clearly very inexperienced she barely knew how to trim bangs. IMG_1791 It was very cheap, $50 for long hair (which is cheap, its usually $90 in Toronto at Proudest Pony) but the experience was so unenjoyable I’d just rather pay to not have to be ignored for an hour. Any suggestions on a cool place to get hair done, please advise!

Taco Farm: Taco resto across from the Uptown mall, I believe it’s run by the owners of Nick and Nats

Beertown: Looks like a large (could be chain) restaurant supplying the upper-year students and post-grads in town. Heard it was pretty good and just want the mid-20somethings needed in town. Probably expensive.

Schmuck Truck: Great blog post here about Food Trucks in Waterloo http://www.goodfoodevolved.blogspot.ca/2013/05/ill-have-balls-thats-what-she-said.html

Red House Uptown: Looks like a rustic, finer dining experience. REALLY Excited about place.

Block Three Brewing


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