Tobermory, Georgian Bay, ON


Tobermory (@tobermory_Ont) and Georgian Bay are a little slice of heaven in Ontario’s cottage country. I go here frequently to camp at the Bruce Peninsula National Park  (@brucepeninsula_) but Tobermory itself it a little town on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The water is crystal clear and IMO freezing cold but its absolutely stunning. While the Grotto (the main tourist attraction as you can go diving underneath a cave) is predominantly rock, there is a trail that runs parallel for people who aren’t as savvy hikers. It is a work out, so beware! I stay at the Cyprus Lake campground  and hike to the grotto from there as there is a clear, easy hiking path from the campground to the water. But I’m also interested in trying out the backcountry camping. There are quite a few other tourist attractions like the ferry to Flower Pot Island, but I advise you to explore things off the beaten path, it is possible to be completely alone by the water, you just have to work for it!

Tobermory is about a 4 hour drive from Waterloo on the back roads, but it IS WORTH IT! Watch out for the black flies early in the season, then the mosquitos, and then the horse flies but by late August and September the bugs are gone and it’s glorious.


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