Truth Beauty Company, Uptown


I love this pin board, little sail boat necklaces and modern earrings with an earthy touch, I hope they continue to build on this style with more selection.

I stumbled upon this lovely beauty boutique called Truth Beauty Company (@truthbeautyco) within the same building as the Princess Twin Cinema in Uptown Waterloo. I find some of the independent beauty stores in Waterloo to be a bit too “sophisticated” for my taste – I’m young, I don’t want to pull off the older lady thing just yet, so I was so relieved to walk into this spot. Everything here is fun and playful. They have really great little make-up bags made from local designers that are bright and super cute for spring, which I have my eye on!

In this huge space they also have a variety of products from bath treats to baby products, although I hope they continue to grow. Hopefully, this will become a place I’ll frequent for those moments I deserve to spoil myself a little bit… and maybe indulge others as well, without feeling like I’m trying to fit into a box that isn’t me just yet. Thanks Truth Beauty for this awesome find!!!

46 King St N, Waterloo, ON



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