Truth Beauty Company, Uptown


I love this pin board, little sail boat necklaces and modern earrings with an earthy touch, I hope they continue to build on this style with more selection.

I stumbled upon this lovely beauty boutique called Truth Beauty Company (@truthbeautyco) within the same building as the Princess Twin Cinema in Uptown Waterloo. I find some of the independent beauty stores in Waterloo to be a bit too “sophisticated” for my taste – I’m young, I don’t want to pull off the older lady thing just yet, so I was so relieved to walk into this spot. Everything here is fun and playful. They have really great little make-up bags made from local designers that are bright and super cute for spring, which I have my eye on!

In this huge space they also have a variety of products from bath treats to baby products, although I hope they continue to grow. Hopefully, this will become a place I’ll frequent for those moments I deserve to spoil myself a little bit… and maybe indulge others as well, without feeling like I’m trying to fit into a box that isn’t me just yet. Thanks Truth Beauty for this awesome find!!!

46 King St N, Waterloo, ON



Death Valley’s Little Brother, Uptown


So Death Valley’s Little Brother (@DVLB_espresso) on King Street in Uptown Waterloo is the most rad place to get coffee in Waterloo. I also highly recommend wasting away some hours there if you’re trying to get a project done. The place is huge and gives off a really great vibe, you’ll feel like you’re in some gigantic coffee bar in Toronto. It also has a nice little patio for a sunny day.Check out their website for more details, they serve sandwiches, coffee and whiskey for a little pre-drink before hitting up Starlight (@starlight_wloo)

84 King St N, Waterloo, ON N2J 2X4

(519) 208-6211

Death Valley's Little Brother Espresso Whisky Bar dvlb on Urbanspoon

The Flying Chestnut: Eugenia, ON

Cozy Inside


Eugenia ON is about 2 hours outside of Waterloo, and its totally worth your time to check out the falls (yes, an amazing waterfall!) and this little hidden gem called The Flying Chestnut (also own The Flying Spatula in nearby Flesherton). It’s great in summer or winter and for couples, singles or families. The food is excellent. They offer 4-5 entrees for breakfast that rotate often. There is usually steak and eggs ($16), pancakes, a fish option and then some other seasonal dishes, but truely they are all fantastic. Its not a $5 breakfast, but you’re paying for real talent and a great Sunday morning getaway. They do dinner so dates are totally an option!

199 Pellisier St  Eugenia, ON N0C 1E0
(519) 924-1809

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Where is Waterloo?

Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo, Ontario

So, Waterloo is the smaller city BESIDE Kitchener. It often gets lumped into KW or Kitchener-Waterloo, or even (gasp) Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge.

But thats like saying if you live in Etobicoke, you live in Toronto…which as we all know is not the case. It’s also like saying the West End and the East End of Toronto are the same… and don’t even think about the centre bit as part of either the West or East End.

Anyway, just like every other place in the world Waterloo has its own identity and Waterloosians do not like to be referred to as “living in Kitchener” although sometimes it’s more of a mind set than a location thing.

And Waterloo is a fairly unique city, while it’s small, it’s closely connected to Kitchener and Cambridge which garner some larger events like concerts and sporting events. Waterloo is also home to Blackberry’s HQ, two universities (University of Waterloo + Wilfrid Laurier University) and one college as well as some other tech companies that bring a more progressive perspective to the small town lifestyle.

And unlike most other cities, Waterloo itself lacks a downtown core that’s been totally abandoned and relegated to the underbelly of society. Uptown Waterloo – the downtown equivalent – is classy, maintained, and really quite safe. It’s home to some sweet shopping and dining but the catch is that its one short strip. Can’t have it all!